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With frequent global disruptions, now it’s time to transform true innovation. We innovate and accelerate our academic content into digital capabilities, transforming the learning environment and cultures into 21st-century learning. At iBantu, we believe that knowledge is Capital. As such, we are committed to improve access to higher and quality education.

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Perbankan Syariah: Fundamental 1 – Ekonomi dan Sistem Keuangan untuk Memahami Perbankan syariah


Islamic Capital Market: Fundamental 1 – Economics and the Financial System

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Kusnan Sayuti - Head of iBantu Academy

The compatibility between theory and practice in the industry is the main goal in the learning process of sustainable Islamic finance. Learning at iBantu Academy presents a variety of in-depth and comprehensive materials that are tailored to the needs of the Islamic finance industry in Indonesia.

With the Learning Management System (LMS), learning materials are now easier to access anywhere and anytime. LMS provides an experience that can adjust the hours and portions of learning for its users.

Emerging industries require countries to learn from each other’s experiences. The combination of the suitability of the local Indonesian context with international best practice is the advantage that iBantu Academy presents. Thus, not only memorizing material that is appropriate to the Indonesian context, iBantu friends are expected to be able to develop their knowledge to a global level.

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