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Python is one of the languages that is witnessing incredible growth and popularity year by year. In 2017, Stackoverflow calculated that python would beat all other programming languages by 2020 as it has become the fastest-growing programming language in the world.

Python is the most popular programming language in the world today. Many industrial applications developed using Python, for example, banking, finance, manufacturing and engineering sectors. Python is increasingly in demand for Data Science — including machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization.

In this online workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language, along with programming best practices. You’ll learn to represent and store data using Python data types and variables, and use conditionals and loops to control the flow of your programs.

Learning Outcome

Course Outline

  1. Python Basics
    • What is Python?
    • Various uses of Python programs
    • Installation of Python
    • Running your first Python program
  2. Variables
    • How to declare variables?
    • Manipulation of variables
    • Integers, floats, strings
    • Variables Scope
  3. Logic control
    • “if else” statements
    • Nested if else statements
    • Understanding nature of logic flows
  4. Iteration
    • Significance of iterations in programs
    • “while” loops
    • “for” loops
    • How to use loops?
    • Combining loops and selections to make simple programs
  5. Strings
    • Further and advanced usage of String variables
    • Explore functions that the String library provides
  6. Lists ,Tuples
    • Creating a list of variables to work with instead of creating multiple variable to store data
    • Explore various usage of lists and tuples together with functions and loops
    • How to store data in list
    • Loop through list to change data
    • Sort data into desired order
  7. Functions
    • Creating a “function” that combines several lines of commands that can be called in the main() function
    • Combination of commands learned from earlier lessons and make a running program that can perform useful tasks such as a calculator or a simple menu
  8. Practical Sessions
    • To develop a simple program using all the concepts taught in this course

Who is it for ?

Anyone who is above the age of 13 and loves learning new ways of solving problems either for himself or for others and enjoys using creativity to build things.


  • No previous experience of programming is required. You should have
  • basic computing and Internet knowledge.
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with Internet connection

About the Trainer

The course instructor is an educator with a focus in web development, digital media design, and programming technologies. Mohammed Rafique Abu Bakar Maricar graduated with an honors degree in Information Systems and Management from LSE University of London and possesses knowledge in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, programming languages in Java, Python , C++ and C with good understanding of OOP concepts. Rafique has been training people in applications from all walks of life for more than 10 years which includes his lecturing years in a problem-based learning environment at a tertiary institution in Singapore. He breaks the boredom of the classroom with his high energy impact teaching style.